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The over-and-under combination rifle/shotgun is a patented universal gun for well mixed hunting grounds. The 2010D has its roots way back in the beginning of the previous century. At the time it was considered to be a robust tool with no airs and graces - but with all sorts of technical finesses. A further one was the Duo manual cocking system - this is what the D signifies in the model designation. These combination guns are manual cocking guns before the first shot is fired: the gun can be decocked and safely carried until just before the shot. If the gun is immediately reloaded, the rifle becomes a classical self-cocking gun and rapid following shots are possible without recocking. If no shot is fired, the lock can simply be decocked again. The over-and-under combinations gun models varies in wood grade and long side plates.



modified Anson & Deeley locks in steel receiver | Kersten cross bolt | selective single trigger, adjustable in the length | manual safety with intercepting safety sear | disconnectable ejectors | pistol grip, cheekpiece and hogsback comb | picture shows a prepared swing mount

Stormvision kreation